R22 Refrigerant Ban - Are you ready?

R22 contains chlorine which contributes to ozone damage. The 2010 industry legislation for R22 refrigerant phase out has caused problems for many people unaware of such regulations like the small business owner, who may only have one air conditioning unit but then thereís also the big major stores such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons. Not only do they have multiple air conditioning units in there stores that may need to be updated, but this is multiplied by the amount of stores they have. To bring these stores up to date is not an overnight process. The cost for this change needs to be spread out over time. Time thatís running out.

Many thousands of systems currently operate on R22 gas. Therefore if you have an air conditioning system that takes R22 you need to take action soon…. To resolve to this problem you need to start planning immediately.

  • Under the current phase-out timetable there is a ban on the use of virgin R22 (and other HCFCs) for servicing and maintenance.
  • All R22 is completely banned for use in Europe for use in air conditioning and refrigeration machines, only recycled HCFCs are permitted.
  • A complete ban on the use of R22, including any that has been recycled, will commence from January 2015.
  • Rumours have been around that the final date may be brought forward to 2012 to achieve targets set by the European Union.

R22 Replacements

Yes completely right, there are now replacements available which means you do not need to get rid of your 7 year old R22 air conditioning unit. The replacement gas is around £350 and you will only need to check if the seals can take the pressure and maybe the valves also, and donít forget to flush the lines. All of this extra work is all labour intensive work and costly.

But at the end of it you will have your system up and running for another month or so till the 7 year old fan and 7 year old motor decide to pack up. This adds up to false economy and more time and cost… do you think your customers will want to stay inside your shop on a sweltering hot day if you do not have adequate air conditioning. Think of the money you will lose, and in just a few hours you could have installed a new system?

Instead why not get a specialist in to fit a new up to date ozone friendly air conditioning system that you can be sure of with a guarantee and will not deplete the ozone. By using less electricity it may pay for its self within a few years! For a free site survey to check your air conditioning systems health and discuss call Resolve Building Services now on 0843 289 2482

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