Air conditioning problems for 2022 World Cup Stadium in Qatar

So now they change their mind over Air conditioning in Qatar! the world cup will be held there in 2022 and the people in charge of building it, now say its going to cost too much??? This is coming from the richest country in the World. So instead are they going to choose cheaper Air Conditioning or short cut somewhere else? Find out...

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R22 Refrigerant Ban - Are you ready?

R22 contains chlorine which contributes to ozone damage. The 2010 industry legislation for R22 refrigerant phase out has caused problems for many people unaware of such regulations like the small business owner, who may only have one air conditioning unit but then theres also the big major stores such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons. Not only do they have multiple air conditioning units in there stores that may need to be updated, but this is multiplied by the amount of stores they have. To bring these stores up to date is not an overnight process. The cost for this change needs to be spread out over time. Time thats running out.

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False economy air conditioning

Everybody likes to find new ways to save money. Whether its shopping at a new discount supermarket or getting a friend to cut your hair, it's fair to say that if you look after your pennies the pounds will eventually take care of themselves. With some things, it really is best to pay for quality; cutting costs by cutting corners can be a false economy and it can be dangerous too. Research by the Gas Safe Register and the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) showed that some people were prepared to become DIY electricians and gas engineers for the day, if it meant they could save a mere 60.

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Residential HVAC

Everyone would like cool air inside their homes during the hot days of summer. If you don't have duct work, don't want to install ductwork or put holes in your walls for venting, consider using split system air conditioners. If your residence does not have duct work already installed and you do not want to go through the hassle of installing duct work, then what is known as split system air conditioners may be your answer. These systems are easy to install and require a minimum amount of space.

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Top 8 tips in hiring a HVAC specialist

1. Are they insured? Before you call a HVAC specialist, make sure they can handle the size of the contract or job you hire them for. Many big companies only have 2 million pounds insurance, therefore if something goes wrong you will not be able to claim. You should be looking for 5 million pounds liability insurance.

2. Ignore long term experience, its experience with a certain type of boiler or air conditioning unit that counts. Some companies quote 20 years plus experience, but the new boilers that were only designed last week, have they installed one of those?

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Measuring superheat

As energy costs increase and air conditioning system efficiency becomes more critical, the need for accurate superheat measurements becomes more important. Unfortunately, many technicians take shortcuts when it comes to performing their superheat calculations. Some technicians, under pressure to hurry to the next job, speed the process by making assumptions without taking measurements, or take quick measurements with inadequate instrumentation.

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