Understanding Residential HVAC and How to Get an Optimal System

By: Mike James

What is Residential HVAC? In order to understand residential HVAC, you must understand HVAC. An acronym for heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning, HVAC pretty much identifies all functions related to maintaining and operating heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems. Putting it all together, it’s quite obvious that residential HVAC is the maintenance of these systems within a residential inhabitance. In this tense, HVAC is the technology of providing comfortable living within the home in terms of climate and environment. HVAC comprises several elements such as:

• Mechanical engineering • Thermodynamics • Fluid mechanics • Heat transfer • Sometimes refrigeration (HVAC&R or HVAR)

Why You Need HVAC Everyone wants to live in comfort, meaning heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, and accommodating conditions in between. Simply having any A/C unit and furnace will not suffice these days as there are many updated methods that keep you in comfort without the high cost. Generally, having efficient heating, air, and ventilation in the home means having efficient appliances installed properly with the proper elements throughout the home. As a homeowner, you also want to make sure that you are paying for an HVAC system that will last through time and save energy as well. Proper installation allows the system to operate efficiently, ultimately saving energy, thus costs to you for utilization.

Ventilation, as it is the center of HVAC, is also the center of the system. Ventilation is quite essential to the entire HVAC system as without proper ventilation, you will find that you are not getting the full advantage of updated appliances. How ventilation is carried out is through several processes of insulating and properly installing a ventilation system throughout the home. These ventilation systems typically run throughout the entire home connecting to your various HVAC appliances and ventilate the air within the home. This means that in an attempt to maintain a constant and comfortable climate within the home, the air is recycled allowing less energy to maintain the temperature.

Sealing and weather proofing the home is another element of HVAC services that allow the system to operate optimally. If you ever heard someone say their money goes right out the window, they are most likely describing high utility bills due to a poorly insulated and sealed home. This actually does have a money draining effect that you will be quite surprised about when your bill doubles and you haven’t gotten any better comfort. Even the most up-to-date and efficient appliances cannot save energy in a poorly sealed home. Weather proofing allows the sealing and insulation to remain intact and free of weather damage. As we all live in various environments, your specific measures will correlate with your usual weather conditions.

Utilizing HVAC Companies HVAC is actually a profession that requires adequate skill and knowledge, most acquired through schooling and specialized training. It is quite natural that we aren’t going to be able to completely install, operate, and maintain an HVAC system on our own. For this reason, there are several HVAC companies that are equipped to perform these tasks with top quality and integrity for you. These companies are comprised of several HVAC professionals that have been highly trained and educated in various elements of the profession. They will actually come to the home and evaluate your needs, assisting you in contracting for the appropriate services and locating the appropriate appliances for optimal energy efficiency. Installation and maintenance is also a service of these professionals.

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