Top 8 tips in hiring a HVAC specialist

  1. Are they insured? Before you call a HVAC specialist, make sure they can handle the size of the contract or job you hire them for. Many big companies only have 2 million pounds insurance, therefore if something goes wrong you will not be able to claim. You should be looking for 5 million pounds liability insurance.
  2. Ignore long term experience, its experience with a certain type of boiler or air conditioning unit that counts. Some companies quote 20 years plus experience, but the new boilers that were only designed last week – have they installed one of those?
  3. References – Have they installed a large boiler in a shopping center before? Ask about the contractor's last installation and if the job was completed on time and within budget. Don’t let a contractor start another job leaving you hanging.
  4. Beware budget installs – usually means budget install, when your friend says he can install a complete heating system for £20, do you think they will do it properly? False economy is not worth the hassle or worry.
  5. Accreditations – are they members of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association (HVCA)? This accreditation guarantees there technical competence and commercial capability. They undertake an independent assessment and regularly undergo inspections to ensure they are committed to high standards. Are they members of Gas safe, look for the logos.
  6. Do they blind you with jargon, and pressure you into sales patter. Always make sure they let you talk to an engineer who knows what he is talking about.
  7. Can you get through and talk with the same engineer and they are clear what your requirements are and how long a job will take?
  8. Get a quote in writing…
Resolve Building Services have always maintained a 5 million pounds liability insurance and complete large scale work regularly. We are accredited with HVCA and Gas safe and also Refcom for safe handling of refrigerant gases. For a free quote please contact us for a free on site survey today. We are the Essex Air Conditioning Specialists

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